Social media is basically interactive technology that enables the generation of sharing/ exchange of ideas, opinions, career goals, and various types of social expression through virtual networks and communities. It is very easy to use, allows quick and instant updates, provides a platform for user-generated content, and has a tendency to bring people together in communities. The users can share videos, pictures, and text with the help of these social media networking sites. If we take a look at its growth then it has been increasing steadily for the last decades.

The major advantage of social media is that it provides immediate feedback, response, sharing, and opinion. With such features, it becomes really easy for social media users to express their thoughts and get immediate feedback from people. There are various types of social media networking websites available on the internet, which include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, and many more. Most of these websites provide the option of sharing content in different formats like pictures, videos, and text.

Automation has had tremendous impacts on the business environment. The ability to process large volumes of data at once has allowed the seamless flow of information and the creation of new business opportunities. Social media automation tools provide the infrastructure necessary for publishing, indexing, and sharing digital content and information over the Internet and social networks. Many social media marketing companies provide social media marketing automation services to help client organizations automate their online presence.

Automating social media accounts provides a number of benefits to marketing managers. Firstly, it allows users to manage multiple social accounts from a single location. Secondly, automated marketing systems are highly flexible, allowing marketers to change the content they distribute on a frequent basis to adapt to ever-changing consumer demands and trends. Lastly, marketers no longer need to allocate valuable staff time to managing social media accounts. Automated social media automation tools provide all the benefits without the stress or burden.