The sectors that are not affected by the economic crisis for Covid

The health emergency is clearly putting a strain on the world economy, yet there are some sectors that are demonstrating a high level of resilience. Indeed, in some cases, there are sectors that are even proving to be able to record absolutely positive numbers. First good news come from crypto currency sector, where Bitcoin reaches the highest value in latest three years

All this despite the fact that we are in full second wave of infections, with the specter lockdown that hovers over citizens in an extremely dangerous way. Well, it must be highlighted that one of those sectors that are standing out is certainly represented by online gaming, which has been able to put together some truly record numbers lately.

The great boom in online gaming


Without a doubt, the first sector that comes to mind that has not been affected at all by the crisis linked to the pandemic is online gaming. The numbers that have been recorded by this sector are constantly increasing, confirming in fact a positive trend that has been going on for some years and that insiders maintain as it will continue for quite some time.

This is also due, of course, to the fact that the online casinos on which to bet are always safer, not even to be compared to the platforms that were available on the web a dozen years ago. There is the possibility to find all those portals that operate legally on the market, having obtained an AAMS or ADM license, which is issued only and exclusively by the Customs and Monopoly. This is the main security guarantee that a given portal complies with the provisions of law on gambling on the web.

Here are those who manage to go against the trend

A large part of the economic realities, as we have seen, are in an extremely complicated and hard time or, at least, decidedly uncertain. Well, we must underline the presence of various sectors which, on the other hand, show a trend in the opposite direction to this negative trend.

There are some sectors that, during the month of June, recorded a positive employment balance compared to June a year ago.

Very positive news comes from the construction sector, which recorded a growth of 20 thousand employees, with an increase of 1.5% compared to the same month of 2019.

Specifically, the positive data that have been recorded refer to those interventions to complete some works, or even to the restructuring of certain activities when many companies have reopened.

The numbers recorded by those services that are related to the supply of electricity are also excellent, showing an increase of 12.2%.

The same goes for information services, which recorded an increase of 9.8% and scientific research, which achieved a leap forward of 8.2%. Last OPEC report says that internet connectivity and digital tools have helped many countries cope with the covid-19 health crisis.

The particular supply chain that refers to technological evolution and digital solutions is also growing. Just to give an example, the balance of the repair of PCs for private and personal use increased positively, with an excellent + 8.2%, or the production of computers and other products related to the world of electronics. The same goes for programming, as well as information consultancy, which recorded a very good + 3.9%

Also growing are many services dedicated to personal care, such as beauticians, laundries, as well as hairdressers. These sectors, in fact, recorded an increase of 2.2% in June 2020 compared to the same month in 2019. That said, it should also be noted a significant leap forward, equal to 7.1%, in the sector that is related to the production of pharmaceutical products. In any case, these are all growth trends that had already found good consolidation over the previous quarters.